Casting for Giant Trevally can produce decent size fish.

Target species include mahi mahi

Reef Fishing can produce deep water monsters

2022 ends our 17th year taking guests out fishing here on Aitutaki. We definitely do not know everything, but we do have a fair idea of whats happening in our surrounding waters, what fish are around and how to target them.

Please visit our facebook page to see photos of latest catches. “Black Pearl Charters Aitutaki”

We cater for all experience levels and thrive on the first time fishos. You can do as little or as much as you like on your charter, from relaxing until the fish hits to becoming part of a crew, setting and retrieving gear.

Black Pearl Charters offers TWO types of fishing, Game Fishing, and for those who are not into trolling for hours, Reef Fishing. Your Private Charter can be a combination of both.

GAME FISHING is mainly trolling or towing hard and soft body lures behind the boat, targeting the pelagic species, especially yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and mahi mahi. Other methods could include slow trolling soft plastics for yellowfin, and when in season, Apr-Oct, live bait for mahi mahi and yellowfin tuna around the FADs. This type of fishing is primarily what we do on shared charters as we have to think of other on the boat who are first time fisherman. (This is done primarily on shared charters)

REEF FSIHING can include flicking or trolling soft plastics on the reef for all different types of reef species, including the Bluefin Trevally, Snapper, and Peacock Grouper. Dropping baits down deep targeting Comet Grouper, Flame Tail, Ruby and Flower Snapper. Slow jigging for bottom species, ie, coral and coronation trout. (Best tasting fish here in the Cooks) (Primarily offered on private charters)

FISHING GIANT TREVALLY (GTs). We can also target GTs however this is a specialized type of fishing and will require you to cast a stick bait at least 40m. Unfortunately, we no longer offer the gear to target GTs, due to the misuse or our GT sets from inexperienced fishos, they always seem to be off for repair. We know where the GTs are and how to get on to them, so if you’re keen to have a crack bring your own set ups, lures and have a go.

(Casting for GTs and Slow Jigging will require you to bring a few of your own lures to keep the costs down as i have to charge for lost lures due to the amount lost chasing these species. Email me for recommended lures.    NB – These two methods are offered on private charters only as we have to take into account others on the boat who are not familiar with these methods.)

We either fish around the Fish Attracting Devices (FADs) or on the drop offs, this means the furthest we travel away from the land is around 2 km and we can be fishing within 5 min from leaving the wharf.


Please note that the number of passengers that can fish at any one time is dependent on the type of fishing we are doing at the time. Our rates are for the hire of the boat, the crew and our expertise and local knowledge e.g, trolling around the FADS we normally fish 2 anglers at a time and rotate the strike. If you’d like more information on how that works, just send us an email.

We offer 1/2 day shared and private fishing charters and full day private fishing charters.

On a shared charter we have a maximum of 4 and we do require a minimum of two to go out. (Shared charter only)

On a private charter the boat is your own and we can offer you other types of fishing that we cannot on a shared charter. This could include spearfishing, casting for GTs, flicking soft plastics close to the reef or slow jigging for the reef species or snorkelling inside and outside the lagoon.

We also offer 1/2-day mix and match charters; this is where we’d divided the 1/2 day between fishing and snorkelling/island hopping. Snorkelling can be outer reef or lagoon.

COSTS       Due to the increase in fuel prices our prices have increased.    The following are the correct prices as of the Jan 1st 2022.

Half day shared charters $220pp, 4 hrs
Half day private charter $650, 1-3 pers, $750 4 pers, 4hrs, Full day private charter $950 1-3 pers, $1050 4 pers 8-9hrs

MIX and MATCH CHARTER (based on two persons) private only.
Half day $650

Target Fish Calendar

Yellowfin tuna all year round, larger fish up to 50kg between December and March.
Wahoo all year round but more prolific between July and November, average weight 20-25 up to 40kg.
Mahi mahi (dorado, dolphin fish) July and October average weight 15kg up to 25kg.
Giant Trevally all year round average 20kg up to 50kg. This fishing is dependant on fisherman’s ability to cast and weather conditions.

Fishing Equipment

All of our fishing equipment is shimano and is kept in great shape and serviced regularly. We are more into sports fishing so mainly fish 15kg around the FADs and 24kg closer to the reef.

Targeting GTs can also be an option, however you’ll need to bring your own gear as we no longer supply the equipment to chase them, too many breakages. Good heavy casting gear is a must, Stellas, Dogfights with matching rods or their equivalent.

As jigging is so specialised, we do not carry heavy jigging gear, however if you have your own and would like to go jigging then this is also an option. Main target is the Dog Tooth Tuna. We do have slow jigging outfits.


Hotel transfers, breakfast and or lunch, hot and cold drinks, all fishing (except GT lures or Jigs) and snorkelling equipment. Fish caught will be filleted for you to take back for dinner.